For New Clients

Free 20% Cash Bonus

Open a new InterForex Classic Account on InterForex Pro trading platform, fund your account and receive free 5% cash bonus.

Bonus Requirements:
  1. Bonuses apply to new clients only.
  2. In order to withdraw your free bonus, you will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of 10,000 base instrument for every $1 bonus within 12 months. 50% of those volumes need to be traded within the first six months of receiving the bonus.
  3. If you fail to trade the required amounts within the given time period - your bonus will be cancelled and removed from your account.
  4. Bonus will be given upon receipt of verification documents and after the account was funded with an initial deposit.

Interest-free Account Credit

Double your trading account equity.
Get an interest-free account credit up to $10,000