IFx Professional

InterForex Professional is a zero-commission leveraged multi-asset trading account based on a $10,000 lot size.

The InterForex Professional Account is best suited for skilled investors who are experienced in managing trading risks associated with leveraged trading and who are adept with InterForex´s trading platforms.

Trade execution is near-instantaneous via our state-of-the-art trading platforms, removing the lag-period associated with trading using the telephone or fax. Prices are fed live, and P/L is calculated in real time. Your positions, account and margin information, stops, limits, and prices are calculated and displayed live.

Conditions and Requirements

Minimum Deposit US $2,000
Minimum Spot FX Contract Size US $10,000
Maximum Trade Size US $5,000,000
Leverage 100:1
Margin Requirement US $100 per Contract
Margin Call Threshold 20%/ Minimum equity $100
Trading Instruments Spot Forex, CFDs, Forex Options†
Trading Platform OmniTrader Plus, InterForex Pro
Hours Traded 5 PM ET Sun - 4:30 PM ET Fri

Traders execute positions using an efficient, easy-to use and well-supported Trading Platform.
  • Real-time executable quotes feed.
  • Order setting and execution in two clicks.
  • All standard order types: Stop, Limit, etc.
  • Adjustable Trader Range/Price Tolerance.
  • Live P/L and margin calculation.
  • Broad array of charting and analytical tools.
  • Trading from charts.