Rates & Conditions

Roll Schedule
None of InterForex's products "expire" or require the client to provide rollover instructions. The below information indicates when the "near-by" price referenced by the CFD will change. More
Cost of Carry
Overnight Cost of Carry ("Premium") is interest paid to or deducted on positions held overnight, based on the interest differential between currencies or the bank interest on other instruments. Share CFD Trading CFD positions held past 5PM EST (New York time) will carry a financing charge, as detailed in the "Reference Prices" window of your trading system. The cost is set at a rate of 4% to 12% per annum of the nominal value of the position, depending on the product. This equates to about $5 to $15 lot per day for most instruments. If a position is closed before 5PM EST, there will be no cost of carry charge. More
Dealing Hours
The InterForex trading desk is open 24 hours daily from EST 5PM Sundays through EST 4:30 PM Fridays. More
Transaction Sizes
On the InterForex trading platform all trades are executed in standard sizes of 1000 shares per one lot. There is no maximum trading volume on the InterForex trading platform. More
CFD Trading Minimums
A minimum transaction size is 1 lot. There is no minimum deposit but we recommend that you maintain a balance that covers your margin requirement and usable margin.
Price Quotes
Through the trading platform customers are able to execute trades directly from real time streaming bid/ask quotes. Live prices are continuously updated via our trading software and traders can at any time click on the current bid or offer and instantaneously execute a trade. More
CFD Order Types
For all account types, InterForex supports the following Order Types:

Market Order (Buy/Sell)
An order buy or sell the leading currency in a currency pair at the current market price. For example, for the EURUSD (Euro v. US Dollar) currency pair, an order to Buy (at the "Ask" price) buys Euro and sells the US Dollar. Conversely, an order to Sell (at the "Bid" price) sells the Euro and buys the US Dollar.

A "Trader Range" can be set when opening a position (executing a Market Order). The "Trader Range" is the difference, in pips, from the current market price that the trader is willing to accept if the market moves while the trade is being processed.

Entry Stop / Stop
A "conditional" order to buy or sell a currency (in a currency pair) when a specific price target is reached. A buy Entry Stop order will buy the leading currency in a currency pair when the Ask price reaches a target that is above the current price, and a sell Entry Stop order will sell the leading currency in a currency pair when the Bid price reaches a target that is below the current price.

An Entry Stop / Stop order is usually used to limit the loss on a specific position.

Entry Limit / Limit
A "conditional" order to buy or sell a currency (in a currency pair) when a specific price target is reached, and the opposite of an Entry Stop or Stop order. A buy Entry Limit order will buy the leading currency in a currency pair when the Ask price reaches a target that is below the current price, and a sell Entry Limit order will sell the leading currency in a currency pair when the Bid price reaches a target that is above the current price.

An Entry Limit / Limit order is usually used to buy or sell at pre-set advantageous levels, adding to an existing position or taking a profit. Limit orders are useful to prevent a trader from "marrying" a position, or being unable to take the profit at the right price.

Hedging Positions
A position is "hedged" when a position is opened in the opposite direction of an already-open position.

Close Position
An order that closes a position at the current market price.

Close Position with Hedge
An order that closes an existing position and opens a new position counter to it.

All orders are good until cancelled, except in special situations such as a Margin Call.
CFD Margin Requirements
InterForex guarantees limited risk. If the equity in the account drops below the margin required to maintain the open positions, all open positions may be liquidated by the dealing desk at the market price.

This protects the trader from losing more than the funds deposited into the trading account. InterForex clients can never have a negative balance.

InterForex offers some of the most flexible margin requirements in the financial services industry. The following are the minimum deposit requirements for accounts with InterForex:

We're able to offer these astonishingly low margin requirements due to the efficiency of our online trading system. Our policy is that once an account can not support the minimum margin required to finance its positions-i.e. the account's equity falls below the required margin for all open positions, all open positions are closed in real-time. The trading system also provides for the protection of client account balances in the event of rapid price movements.

Traders are able to monitor both usable margin and used margin in real-time from the "Account Information" window of the online trading platform. Positions are automatically closed once usable margin hits or drops below zero.

InterForex encourages clients to avoid margin calls by either using stop loss orders or maintaining adequate funds in the account relative to position size.

Order Confirmations
Deals are confirmed on screen, typically within a few seconds. Full transaction details may be accessed on screen as well, including date, time, rate, notional amount bought and sold, USD value, and reference number. More
Account Reports and Statements
The dealing software tracks all trading activity in real time, allowing clients to view current open positions, real-time profit and loss, margin availability, account balances, and all historical transaction details directly on-screen.

Account statements can be accessed 24/7 by clicking "File” in the trading platform menu then clicking on "reports”. More
Funding & Withdrawal
Live accounts are funded in most cases by wire transfers. Detailed instructions on how to found your account are provided together with Opening Live Account(s) forms.

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* The high degree of leverage that is obtainable in the trading of off-exchange FX transactions can work against you as well as for you. Leverage can lead to large losses as well as gains.
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